[GIN] 2016/11/24 Scientific Beer Session: "Travelling Robot Problem" presentation in English by Kuba Orłowski. Imprimer
Ecrit par Jakub Sosnowski   
Jeudi, 24 Novembre 2016 11:43

Grupa Incjatyw Naukowych AEP (GINSAEP) / The Research Initiative Group of the Polish Students and Alumni Association is pleased to invite you to their first Scientific Beer Session.

Hi all,

This willl be the first of a series of "Scientific Beer Sessions" (Scientists' and Science Lovers' meetings). We are welcoming people from various disciplines. Let's discover our hobbies, adventures and learn something new from each other.

Tonight: « Travelling Robot Problem: A brief glimpse into evolutionary robotics » a presentation in English by Kuba Orlowski,

The 24th of November, at 19:15

(the meeting will be held in the underground part of the bar)
12 Rue Feydeau

Paris, France

See you at the meeting! :-)

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